Doors of Perception conference September 2009

Conference Program


  • 9 00   Doors open - Registration starts - Cafe open
  • 9 30   Welcome and Introductions –
    Margaret Novakovic & Richard Smith
  • 9 45   Andy Thomas - Making Sense of
    Unexplained Mysteries and Cover-ups
  • 10 45   Coffee
  • 11 15   Crichton Miller - The Cross and the Serpent
  • 12 45   Lunch
  • 2 15   John Dalton - Harpist: Celtic, Latin & Jazz music
  • 3 15   Short Break
  • 3 25   Jim Lyons - Dynamic Sacred Geometry
  • 4 45   Tea
  • 5 15   Crop Circle video
  • 6 00   Meditation with Solara An Ra
  • 6 30   Dinner with some of the speakers
  • 8 00   Ian Crane -'Don't be Fooled'
  • 9 30   Close
  • 9 00   Doors open – Registration starts – Cafe open
  • 9 30   Welcome and Introductions –
    Margaret Novakovic & Andy Thomas
  • 9 45   Richard Smith - Quadrifocal Vision
  • 10 45   Coffee
  • 11 15   Robert Feather -
    The Ethereal Mystery of the Temple Scroll
  • 12 30   Tim Wallace-Murphy -
    Cracking the Symbol code
  • 1 30   Lunch
  • 2 45   Lucy Pringle - Crop Circles:
    The Evidence Unfolds yet the Mystery Remains
  • 3 45   Tea
  • 4 15   Antoine Gigal - Evidence of-
    High Technology in Ancient Egypt
  • 5 45   Speakers Forum – Bring your questions
  • 6 45   Closing Ceremony with Shining Bear
  • 7 30   Close - Dinner with some of the speakers


Conference speakers

Andy Thomas

Andy Thomas

Making Sense of Unexplained Mysteries and Cover-ups

Andy explores some famous mysteries of recent history, looking at the connecting threads of UFOs, Crop Circles, religious apparitions, psychic phenomenon, ancient prophecies, NASA moon landings, 9/11 and beyond ...
Andy is a leading researcher into the unexplained and author of many books, including 'Vital Signs', the definitive guide to the Crop Circle phenomenon.

Crichton Miller Crichton Miller photo

The Cross and the Serpent

In this presentation Crichton explores the forbidden fruit of the Tree of Knowledge. Touching on discoveries of prehistoric architecture and diffusion, the philosopher's stone, the cross in the pyramid, astrology and lunar navigation; he describes the nature of order and chaos and their application in the world today.
Crichton is an accomplished historian, navigator, religious researcher and writer. He describes Ancient Mysteries as his 'Quest of a life- time'.

Jim Lyons

Jim Lyons photo

Dynamic Sacred Geometry
Sacred Geometry is a way of describing the Cosmos. It has been a successful way, but recent rapid changes we see in space has created the need to update this model. Jim will outline the basics of the new dynamics which include the evolution of both the cosmic and earth bound living matter levels. Musical harmony is key and he will present his latest research.
Jim is a retired industrialist and academic and is researching new models of cosmology based in fractal geometry and harmonics. He makes the new physics more comprehensible than ever!

Ian Crane

Ian Crane photo

"Don't be Fooled"
Ian is the founder of the 9/11 Truth Movement and the most dynamic speaker anywhere on many of the Conspiracies alive in the world today. He says events are only 'unforeseen' if we are not aware of the deviousness of those working towards a New World Order.
And there is hope, humanity is rejecting manufactured economic crises and wars. We can begin to see new ways forward through "Doors of Perception".

Richard Smith

Richard Smith photo

Quadrifocal Vision
Opinions and comments on the predicaments of 2009 vary widely, but the view is not encouraging. Is everything heading south? How much longer can we continue as we are? 'Change' is a word we often hear, 'Vision' is essential, to us and our communities. Let's take a deeper look at what we could do to bring about change.
Richard was very active on the Council of the Centre for Crop Circle Studies.
He has travelled extensively in the Ophthalmic Optical industry, in a variety of roles. Perusing his understanding of our mutual interdependence, he became a co-founder of the Parallel Community in 2006.

Robert Feather

Robert Feather photo

The Ethereal Mystery of the Temple Scroll
Robert presents the story of the most baffling of the Dead Sea Scrolls.
It was discovered in Bethlehem in 1967, hidden in a shoe box. It is now in Jerusalem, and describes a vast temple with instructions said to be dictated by God.
Robert will present his thesis that links the temple to Egypt and Pharaoh Akhenaten. He is a metallurgist and archaeologist and has written several books including 'The Secret Initiation of Jesus at Qumran'.

Tim Wallace-Murphy

Tim Wallace-Murphy photo

Cracking the Symbol Code
Tim traces the eternal quest for spiritual enlightenment from the stone age via Egypt the Old Testament and Christianity. He reveals alternative views of Jesus and some hidden teachings in Leonardo da Vinci's paintings very different to the messages of Dan Brown in the 'Da Vinci Code'.
Tim qualified as a Doctor of Medicine and Psychology. He has written on spiritual themes since 1988, and published several books with others, including 'Rex Deus', 'Custodians of Truth' and 'What Islam did for us'.

Lucy Pringle

Lucy Pringle photo

Crop Circles: The Evidence Unfolds, yet the Mystery Remains
Lucy is an international authority and pioneer researcher into the effects of electromagnetic fields on living systems. She includes physiological and psychological effects on people and animals in the vicinity of crop formations. She also studies remote effects, luminosities, audio and mechanical anomalies.
She was a founder member of the Centre for Crop Circle Studies.
She has written three books and broadcasts extensively.

Antoine Gigal

Antoine Gigal photo

Evidence of High Technology in Ancient Egypt
Antoine is a writer and researcher, author of 'Giza: The Secret Chronicles'.
She studied at the Sorbonne and speaks many languages including modern Egyptian.
Through scrupulous research she brings us unprecedented access to new and first hand information about very ancient Egypt. She leads in-depth study tours to Egypt each year.