The London Forum Meetup Group

Histories, Mysteries, and the Spiritual Quest.


Wednesday February 19th
Andrew Collins

The Great Gobekli Tepe Mystery

Wednesday March 12th
Todd Acamesis

Ghost Stories, and Seeing the Light

Wednesday April 16th
Karen L French

Gateways to the Heavens-Cornerstones of Spirituality

Wednesday May 14th
Andy Thomas

A Conspiracy history of the World

About us

Welcome to the website of the London Forum. We emerged from the former London branch of the Centre for Crop Circle Studies. We continue to explore and study the crop circle phenomenon and other mysteries of many kinds. We are linked with other groups, sharing information and experiences, visiting the formations when possible, having time for discussion and debate.

We aim to provide an interesting series of talks, with experienced speakers as well as others who are emerging as talented presenters of cutting edge research and new discoveries.

We have a smart & comfortable NEW VENUE for our Meetups now! The George pub, upstairs bar, 213 Strand, WC2R 1AP. Nearest tube is Temple. Right opposite the Royal Courts of Justice. Our meetings with speakers will run from 7pm - 9.30pm. Entrance 8 All our Meetups will be on Tuesday evenings in future.

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