Links to useful and interesting websites about crop formations and other mysteries:

Lucy Pringle, crop formation photographer and researcher.

The Crop Circle Connector, a comprehensive resource of crop formations.

Swirled News, from the Southern Circular Research organisation, providing "informed reports, reviews and commentary on happenings and discoveries in the world of crop circles."

Alternative Viewpoint magazine, an internet resource for mind body and soul.

Vital Sign Publishing publish books on themes we believe deserve more awareness and investigation in a world which appears to be undergoing a rapid social, physical and spiritual transformation.

Jupiter Powerwear has been printing crop circle T-shirts since 1989.

The Wiltshire Crop Circle Study Group (WCCSG) is a research group formed in 1995 to observe the manifestations of crop circles, principally in Wiltshire.

The BLT Research Team Inc.'s primary focus is crop circle research and secondly to publish these research results in peer-reviewed scientific journals and to disseminate this information to the general public through lectures, mainstream articles and the internet.

The Saunière Society is a loose organisation of diverse individuals formed to pursue the ideas and objects first popularized by Henry Lincoln, and has as its primary objective an endeavour to seek out the truth, Truth or "truth."

The Parallel Community is a linking network and a platform where people can express and develop their positive contribution for change. is a conference aiming to bring together seekers of the truth from a wide spectrum of disciplines. Human origin and human relations. The historical enquiry network. World history and wisdom. Quality books on human origins. An alternative Genesis. inspirational broadband television. conference based in Glastonbury with an international line-up of explorers, researchers and authors.